Originally from the ancient Roman Empire, this breed became fully developed in Germany as a herder, guardian and draft dog.  It arrived in America in 1931 and gained A.K.C. recognition becoming the second most popular breed in the U.S. in the early 1990’s.

A Rottie is confident, bold, alert and more than a little imposing…therefore it is an obvious choice as a protector.  It is a powerful breed that needs plenty of socialization with humans and other dog breeds, both large and small.  Consistent obedience training and daily exercise are also a must.  Regular interaction with their loving families is important.  Rotties are very loving toward their own family but can be reserved and guarded around strangers.. 

Rottweilers enjoy cool to cold weather so they need care from their humans to ensure they do not overheat in our hot summers.  If he spends much time outdoors in our summer heat, be sure he has a pool and plenty of shade to keep cool in.

The Rottweiler is often bred too large for its standard genetic size.  Ideally, a male Rott will weigh 85-130lbs and a female 80-100lbs.  Males should be 24 to 27 inches tall at the shoulders while females should be 22-25 inches tall.  

Choosing a Rottweiler for your new puppy from our pups at T’s Chi’s means you are getting a loyal companion, protector and wonderful family addition.  Remember, Rotties are intelligent, loving and stubborn so training needs to be done often, consistently and is best treated as a game.