Mini & Toy Australian Shepherd

Both the Mini & the Toy Australian Shepherd are bred down from the original standard Aussie. Also known as the Miniature American Shepherd & the Toy American Shepherd, both are active, highly intelligent, & devoted dog breeds. An Aussie pup is a lively & attentive addition to the family. He does need daily activity as without a “job” he can easily become bored, nervous, & destructive. You will need to maintain your Alpha Dog position with this smart puppy with consistent training & discipline.

While the Mini Aussie stands between 14 & 18 inches at the shoulders & weighs between 15 & 35 lbs, the Toy Aussie stands 14 inches & under, weighing only 7-12 lbs. Both breeds have a medium length coat & can be either merle or tri colored. Merle coats are either red or blue. Tri colored coats are either black or red. These all have a combination of white or white & tan markings. White coloring around ears & eyes is not desirable & carries a deaf/blind factor in merle to merle breedings. Hip & eye issues can arise.

Many herding dogs can carry the MDR1 gene which makes them extremely sensitive to certain drugs such as Ivermect & similar products. Dogs positive for this gene can suffer brain damage & even death from these drugs. Be sure to talk to your vet about keeping these drugs out of your Aussie’s treatment plan.