Developed separately from the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a hard-working herding dog from South Wales, Great Britain. Of the two breeds, the Pembroke is smaller with docked tail & more foxy expression.

The Pembroke Corgi, usually known in the US simply as a Corgi, is a quick witted, very active dog that loves to play. Needing daily activity, he is very devoted, affectionate, & friendly. While he is great with children, he is a herder & may nip at heals while playing. He may also need consistent training to restrain his urge to bark. Alert & willing to “scrap”, he makes a great watchdog.

The Corgi is a sturdy, healthy dog which ideally should weigh about 25 lbs. He has one major health concern, spinal disc disease. His grooming needs are simple, a weekly bath & brushing keeps this dog looking great. When well cared for, the Corgi can live 11-13 years & be a great family addition.