The best time for a young puppy to see her vet for a well puppy health check is after she has arrived at her new home. Therefore, we ask that your new pup see her vet within 3 days of purchase. We welcome any calls or messages if you have concerns, but if your pup is in need of emergency care, please take her to your vet.

We promise to diligently provide skilled care & veterinarian approved protocols while raising our pups. We strive to provide you with a healthy four-legged addition to your family. Your new pup will come with her health record, a food sample, and puppy registration papers.

Texas law requires dog & cat breeders with 10 or more breeding age females to be inspected yearly by BOTH a veterinarian & by state inspectors. WE ARE INSPECTED ANNUALLY!

Texas law also requires puppies & kittens to be at least 8 weeks old & UTD on dewormings & vaccinations before they are sold. Our puppies not only get a puppy vaccination at 6 weeks, but we also give a vaccination solely for Parvo protection at age 4 weeks. This helps them have more immunity to this deadly disease when they go to their new homes. Licensed breeders in the state of Texas are required to provide registration papers for all puppies. We use several different registries depending on the breed & bloodlines. AKC, APRI, ACA, & ASDR are the main registries we use.