Care of Your New Puppy

Make sure your new puppy has a warm place all her own to sleep. You may not want her to sleep with you until she is old enough to hold her bathroom needs all night. If you plan on keeping her confined to a safe space like a crate or a small room when you are away, make sure she has a warm bed & plenty of space separate from her bed for a potty pad or newspapers.

Your new puppy has been eating a moderately priced feed from our local feed store. A food sample comes with her for you to mix with her new food to help ensure she can more easily make the switch. If she is younger than 12 weeks old (or a teacup), she may need to be fed softened food daily for a while (just her dry food soaked in water or chicken broth & warmed) in addition to her dry food to ensure she is eating enough.

Your new puppy is used to drinking our TREATED water. To ensure she does not get any new water-born bacteria, it is best to use distilled or bottled water for her until she is 4 months or so old and has a stronger immune system.