The Dachshund was originally known by many names including Badger Dog.  First bred in large size as a tenacious hunter of vermin able to follow his prey into a burrow, drag it out and kill it.  He has a loud bark which made it easy to track him, even when in underground tunnels or dens and makes him a great alert dog. He is known for his bold personality and loves adventure and family activity.  If he ever gets loose, look for him in any nearby woods or field, hunting and tracking. 

If he does not get enough exercise, the Dachshund can suffer from obesity.  The Dachshund comes in three coat varieties, smooth, long hair and wire haired, each with varying levels of grooming needs.  While the Dachshund can live 12-14 years, it does have 2 major health concerns….back injuries or disk disease.