Puppy First Aid

This is also known as low blood sugar & occurs in Toy breed puppies usually between 5 & 16 weeks of age. It is often brought on by stress like going to a new home, long trips, too much play, bacterial infections of the intestines, or not having enough to eat. Puppies that have hypoglycemia usually outgrow it, but not always.

Please be sure your puppy has a ready supply of food & water at all times & don’t let her play too long then fall asleep without eating. If she begins to act overly drowsy, weak, confused, staggers, or has convulsions, she needs to have immediate attention.

Place a few drops of honey, light Karo syrup, or any product made for this (ie. Dyne or Nutrical) on her tongue. She will also need a glob of Honey Roasted Peanut Butter placed on the roof of her mouth to help stabilize her blood sugar. She should respond and “come to” within 30 minutes. She will also need to eat as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of moist meals (ie. Lil Caesar’s) on hand for this type of emergency. If she chooses to be a finicky eater, you may have to try scrambled eggs, yogurt, or anything tasty to get her to eat during this stressful time. If she continues to have problems with hypoglycemia, please consult your veterinarian, as repeated attacks can cause permanent brain damage.